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Friday, December 31, 2010

Week 1 of Dahlia's Life Recap

This is my attempt to log while being a new mommy. I will warn you, it is basically going to be a lot of me bragging about how wonderful this entire last week has been. Dahlia is healthy and lovely and sweet. She nurses like a champ, now that my milk is finally in, and has inherited her Daddy's super-snuggle ability.

So far we can tell that she has my dimples, Jeremiah's nose, and my dad's feet. Her Yaya is holding out for hazel eyes, which would be pretty neat since no one in the family has them except my mom.

Jeremiah is a natural at this daddy thing. He makes up stories and songs for her. He helps me and brags to everyone he knows. He works all day and still pays attention to us when he gets home. We love him so much!

My mom and sister have been such a help. Mama came to stay with us for the first two days Dahlia was home. Man that first night was tricky! Casey cleaned my kitchen yesterday and made filling for burritos, and drove me around to run errands, and gave Fosty some much needed love.

Fosty has been such a good good boy. He has been minding and not jumping up. We both feel guilty for not being able to give him more attention. Up to this point he has been our only "baby" and it is a big change for him.

Some AMAZING Washington parents have brought us dinner/scheduled a day to bring us dinner. Thank you so much the the Kings, Fowlers, and Billingsleys. If you know a new mommy, this is the absolute best thing you could ever do to help ease the transition back home. These families have taken the time out of their busy lives to cook for us. We are so lucky!

We are thankful for Jessica! She is so easy to talk to and is always ready with some advice, a funny story, or a sleepy wrap.

All of our friends have been wonderful. We appreciate all of the warm wishes, visits, and favors.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This Is It

Here we are. It is December 22nd at 8:18pm. We are supposed to go to the hospital at midnight to actually have a baby. My mom is on her way to the house right now. Hospital bag packed. House clean. Tile almost done. Nursery finished. Foster oblivious. Christmas presents wrapped. Stockings hung (thanks to Jeremiah!). I have that "I left my flat iron on" feeling. What is it?!

**I just found out what my feeling was...the hospital just called at 8:32pm. They said my induction has been pushed back to 6:30am. Now I am all riled up. But, I was hoping to not have to stay tonight, so maybe this is a blessing.