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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Latvia? Stats Are Eye-Opening!

I just realized that I can view stats about who is viewing my blog. I only have four followers, but lots more people have "viewed" my page. Whether or not they actually read it isn't a stat that is available. I can also see where the views are coming from (mostly facebook) and what country the viewer is viewing from ( mostly the U.S., duh)

Hmmmm. So what I really wanna know is: who in tarnation is viewing this blog from Latvia!!!! I see you have been here 23 times this month. Or 23 different Latvians have been here. Either way, if you read this, reveal yourself. I am so curious about you or y'all. In case you didn't know, since you probably don't say y'all in Latvia, it is Okie for you all or the plural of you.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dream Journal #1: My Own Lifetime Original Movie Every Night

I have the CRAZIEST dreams. I always mean to write them down, but don't, so I thought, "Hey, what about my blog? The perfect venue to broadcast my insane imagination!" Last night I had an especially good one. Well not good. It was bad, but action-packed. Here goes nothin'.

My sister Casey was on a field trip to a park and was kidnapped. She attempted to telepath a map of the location to me, but it was too late. And her map stunk to high heaven.(The monkey bars looked like a sketch of a Hershey bar.) She was murdered!! I kept telling everyone that I wouldn't have anyone to hold hands with while I was sleeping now that she was gone. This is a reference to the fact that we actually did that as children. (Sorry Casey, the secret was too juicy to hide.)

Her murderer was a serial killer who was known as "The Livestock Trailer Killer" because of the tracks he always left at the scene. Oh, I forgot, a friend from high school's sister-in-law (Gina) found the body. She told me what she knew and I started to "dig too deep." The killer started to target me and we had a show-down in an art gallery/grocery store. The showdown was mostly us chasing each other Scooby Doo style.  He was helped by his cult followers. Yep, I said cult. He was the leader and his four teenage followers acted all brainwash-y. They were taken into custody when I discovered his trailer parked outside (complete with horses). By the way, I won the showdown. I am not sure how I know this, other than the fact that it is my dream and I woke up feeling like I had defeated him.

My dreams tend to be all over the place. My age, along with the ages of all of my "guest stars" never stay the same. My sister was a teacher, like now, but also the same age as we were when we lived in the yellow house on the highway (7 and 9 or so).

This one seemed very real. I told Casey today that I could probably choose the cast if it were a Lifetime movie.

Casey-Malin Ackerman
Me: The brown-haired girl from Glee, Rachel
Livestock Trailer Killer-Jeremy Piven (but taller)
Gina- Jenna Elfman
Cult Teens-young Thora Birch, the two lesser Hobbits, Pippen and Merry, Amanda Bynes.

P.S. I didn't make this up. Well, I did, but while I was sleeping so it doesn't count.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Resolution Check/Reality Check

As soon as I started reading these, I started down a shame spiral. I am disappointed in my ability to write resolutions that are easily measurable. AND I think I expected to be able to knock out all of them in one fell swoop. Oy! Here is the skinny so far. 

1. Establish traditions for my family and keep up the ones my mom and dad have started. 
Most of the traditions go with holidays. We haven't had any major ones yet, other than New Year's, and really, what can you do with a two week old on New Year's Eve? What we have done that I will count as a tradition is having Dahlia's picture taken. We went to Target and they did a good job. We bought the archiving service, so we can go in something like 72 times per year. Not really, but it's a lot. Jeremiah and I are both happy to be so proactive about documenting her growth. And I have Valentine's cards for our friends and family. With stamps on them. Ready to mail. Before the holiday is actually here. I think I might even make Valentine's cookies. Maybe.2. Write letters to Dahlia 
This is the only one that I feel good about. I have been doing it. Not as often as I had thought I would, but one letter a week ain't bad. I also ordered some unique scrapbooking sleeves. My plan is to compile the letters and her baby book pages with items from her hospital stay and other memoribilia into one massive Book 'O Dahlia. 
3. Be Better at Birthdays: 
I have started a list of all birthdays. I don't know where I put it. Amie's birthday was in January and all she got was a lame birthday text. Because my mom called to remind me. I stink. Sidenote: My Uncle Terry's birthday was today. I am going to write a little in my Dahlia letter to tell her about him. I think he would have liked to know we think about him. He is probably having a wonderful time catching up with Daddy and Grandpa:)
4. Get my Money Right 
Did I mention my shame spiral? Procrastination is rearing it's ugly head. Plus our financial situation has been precarious these last few months...I will keep you posted. I wish the world was structured to my strengths. If I could trade in hugs and smiles, I would be rich. Alas, money makes this world go 'round. I wonder what services are available to me as far as handing all of my bills and financial info to someone and them telling me what to do. That exists, right? Probably expensive though. lol5. Maintain my Planbook as if a disaster is pending
Not working right now...can't do it yet. But, I do plan to set-up some time to meet with Ruth and my team to plan ahead before I return to work. If any of you read these (probably not!), surprise! 
6. Be a Better Friend/Wife/Sister/Daughter/Granddaughter/Etc.
See resolution #1. I am sending Valentine's Cards. Kinda lame, but a start. Also, I clipped a couple of coupons for Katie. Double lame. Also, in December I ordered some shoes for my mom. I know, I know, December isn't 2011. It is kind of like when I write something on my to-do list, just so I can mark it out. I'm okay with that. Something that has mostly been to my benefit has been that I have been WAY better at keeping in touch with those near and dear to me. Only because I am home all day and crave adult contact. Unintended perk: every time I talk to Grandma Bonnie she cracks me up. We will see how this one pans out when I am back at work. Until then, I am making a commitment to take my team a treat sometime next week. And to seize the moments when I am struck with inspiration about how to treat someone.

As I read back over this, it seems ramble-y. Good thing "be more articulate" isn't one of my resolutions!! Another year, perhaps. That'll do pig. (I'm the pig, not you!)


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free Shopping Trip

Since I have miraculously been fitting into my pre-preggers clothes, I have discovered all of my old clothes anew. It is like going shopping in a store custom made for me every time I get dressed. Know that feeling when you find 20 bucks in your coat pocket? Yep, that is the feeling my closet gives me. I am seeing all kinds of fun combinations that never occurred to me before. Just another pregnancy related joy. I need to think of a way to recreate this feeling in a couple of months. When my elation wears off I maybe tempted to shop and waste money. Hmmmm.....

Doing my happy dance,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Gets me every time

I was driving to the school today to visit some wonderful ladies that I hadn't seen in weeks, when I was musically attacked. This happens from time to time. It is always the same song. It is the only song that I can say that makes me cry every single time I hear it. And it is always when I am driving. So a word to the wise, if you hear "When I Get Where I'm Going" by Brad Paisley, get off the road. I could run you over.

This got me wondering. Does something "get" you?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bored? Fun on the Internet

I have had a lot of time on my hands lately. Well, hand, since I have been restricted to using only my right hand when using the computer. No, I haven't been injured or suffered amputation. I have my computer set-up on the right side of my recliner, where Dahlia and I spend most of our "snuggle time". Here are some sites that I frequent.

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman-Famous Okie, Ree Drummond, is adorable. Her page has a lot to see. She also has giveaways.

Jessica's Coupons-want to find out about the best deals on the net and get updates about how to get free/cheap stuff? Follow this blog. They update several times a day. I have gotten free subscriptions to Parents and All You Magazines, a box of three refill bags of Huggies baby wipes for $11.98, a free bag of dogfood, and tons of coupons. I am sure I am forgetting something. Anyway, if you wear the "cheap badge" with pride, check it out.

The Aragon Life- My friend Amanda's blog. She is hilarious.

The Pleated Poppy- Lindsey on this blog also has a store site. She sells fabric flowers and billfolds and such. her stuff is adorable, but I really like seeing her "What I Wore Wednesday" posts. She has the cutest style and she links to fellow bloggers who also partake in "Wednesday" fashion posts. She also posts about her family and fun crafts.

Thirty Handmade Days- another crafty blog. She has been posting some Valentine's printables lately.Mique (Mickey) also does fun giveaways and posts about her family. This blog started as her craft to-do list.

Polyvore- a fun app on facebook that lets you "dress" your friends. You can also buy any of the items on the site, because they are all linked to e-merchants. A little dangerous, but very fun.  You can browse sets that other people have made. Ooo, you can also browse interior design sets.The main website,, is a little more involved. I haven't delved into it yet.

Couponing to Disney-I am trying to coupon and this site gives you tips on how to use couponing to save meoney for things that seem to be out of your reach otherwise. Smart and miserly fun.

Consumer Queen-this site lists the best coupon deals by store. Anyone up for free mac n cheese? I am, I am!!