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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dream Journal #1: My Own Lifetime Original Movie Every Night

I have the CRAZIEST dreams. I always mean to write them down, but don't, so I thought, "Hey, what about my blog? The perfect venue to broadcast my insane imagination!" Last night I had an especially good one. Well not good. It was bad, but action-packed. Here goes nothin'.

My sister Casey was on a field trip to a park and was kidnapped. She attempted to telepath a map of the location to me, but it was too late. And her map stunk to high heaven.(The monkey bars looked like a sketch of a Hershey bar.) She was murdered!! I kept telling everyone that I wouldn't have anyone to hold hands with while I was sleeping now that she was gone. This is a reference to the fact that we actually did that as children. (Sorry Casey, the secret was too juicy to hide.)

Her murderer was a serial killer who was known as "The Livestock Trailer Killer" because of the tracks he always left at the scene. Oh, I forgot, a friend from high school's sister-in-law (Gina) found the body. She told me what she knew and I started to "dig too deep." The killer started to target me and we had a show-down in an art gallery/grocery store. The showdown was mostly us chasing each other Scooby Doo style.  He was helped by his cult followers. Yep, I said cult. He was the leader and his four teenage followers acted all brainwash-y. They were taken into custody when I discovered his trailer parked outside (complete with horses). By the way, I won the showdown. I am not sure how I know this, other than the fact that it is my dream and I woke up feeling like I had defeated him.

My dreams tend to be all over the place. My age, along with the ages of all of my "guest stars" never stay the same. My sister was a teacher, like now, but also the same age as we were when we lived in the yellow house on the highway (7 and 9 or so).

This one seemed very real. I told Casey today that I could probably choose the cast if it were a Lifetime movie.

Casey-Malin Ackerman
Me: The brown-haired girl from Glee, Rachel
Livestock Trailer Killer-Jeremy Piven (but taller)
Gina- Jenna Elfman
Cult Teens-young Thora Birch, the two lesser Hobbits, Pippen and Merry, Amanda Bynes.

P.S. I didn't make this up. Well, I did, but while I was sleeping so it doesn't count.


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