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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Latvia? Stats Are Eye-Opening!

I just realized that I can view stats about who is viewing my blog. I only have four followers, but lots more people have "viewed" my page. Whether or not they actually read it isn't a stat that is available. I can also see where the views are coming from (mostly facebook) and what country the viewer is viewing from ( mostly the U.S., duh)

Hmmmm. So what I really wanna know is: who in tarnation is viewing this blog from Latvia!!!! I see you have been here 23 times this month. Or 23 different Latvians have been here. Either way, if you read this, reveal yourself. I am so curious about you or y'all. In case you didn't know, since you probably don't say y'all in Latvia, it is Okie for you all or the plural of you.


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