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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

(fill in the blank). It's what's for dinner.

The dishes are done. kinda. The laundry is done. halfway. Dahlia is asleep. for now. I am am finally blogging.

It's been a long time. And domestic issues are weighing on my mind. We try real hard to not live in a pigsty around here, but cleaning does take a back burner. The real problem I am having is what to cook for dinner. I know, I know. "Your husband is a chef!" The last thing that a chef wants to do is wrangle up an impromptu meal at 11 o'clock every night after cooking and cleaning for 12-13 hours every day.

So, I try to cook. TRY. It is so hard to cook at a hot stove with a 10 month old on your hip. After all day away from each other, Dahlia just doesn't want to be left in her playpen or in the highchair for long. I have 20 minutes, tops, to do it all.

Here is where you come in. Leave a comment with your favorite fast and easy dinner idea. Help a mama out:)