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Friday, March 4, 2011

Retail Braggadocio

I have been couponing. If you are Jeremiah, Mama, Casey, or Katie, you can prolly stop here. My superior social skills tell me that you are already WAY over hearing about my deals and WAY WAY over me trying to convince you to hop on my crazy train. 

The point I will be making is that I love it and you should too. No really, hear me out. Please don't stop reading. Would you be interested in 5 tubes of free Crest toothpaste? How about 3 packages of Ronzoni spaghetti for nada? Um, hows abouts two mascaras for 48 measly cents? Free floss? Don't mind if I do. Free fabric softener? I'll have three. How about 750 loads of laundry detergent for $7.88? Sign me up!!! And for you lovers of "the whip", I got three for 50 cents each. Booyah!

These are only a few of my OUTRAGEOUS deals. I just needed to put it out there. And I wanted to use the word braggadocio. Mission accomplished.



  1. Dang, how did you find these deals?

  2. There are websites that research for you. You couple the sales at the store you shop at with the coupons available. Homeland stores double coupons too. The websites tell you which coupons to use. LOVE IT!