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Friday, March 11, 2011

Lather Rinse Repeat

Becoming a mommy takes a little getting used to for everyone involved. Luckily, my husband is super understanding. Here is the perfect example. I hope you get as tickled by this as I did. I thought about this conversation repeatedly yesterday and I was laughing out loud every time. Jeremiah said that he was too, and that a girl on the sidewalk outside of Coriander even looked at him funny because she caught him chuckling about it to himself.

So, a few days ago Jeremiah informed me that he was out of body wash. Usually I would have already known this since I would see the bottle in the shower, but lately I have been using the little bathroom because Dahlia likes to sit in her bouncy in the steam. Our bathroom doesn't get steamy, so I made the move.

Anyway, three days later I was making my shopping list, so I call Jeremiah at the restaurant to see if he needs anything. He says no, but read me your list and maybe I will think of something. When I come to body wash he says, "YES!" I then asked him if he was completely out. He proceeds to tell me that he has been completely out since he told me he needed it, but that he has just been using shampoo. SHAMPOO!! This might make sense for a hairier man, but Jeremiah is not hairy.

I start cracking up. Then, he tells me that he uses six pumps on his upper body and six on his lower. It just doesn't lather very well. HAHAHAHA!!! Twelve pumps a day?!

Then he calculates how much shampoo he has used since he first told me. 36 pumps of shampoo on his body, plus the three he used on his head. That's 39 pumps. He rounds it to 40. And at this point my neck itches and I am actually crying from laughing so hard. "Better add shampoo to the list" he says.


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