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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lovin' that Man

Just wanted to take a little sec to say that even though Jeremiah works like 80 hours a week (this is an estimate, not an exaggeration) slinging Bahn Mi sandwiches and yummy noodle salads, he took the time to make me laugh a lot tonight AND tape around the top of the nursery so I can paint. I will add that he does not think we need to paint, but he did it anyway, on one of his only nights off.

Plus, look how cute he is on our maternity pictures. Pictures he didn't even complain about taking. (I think he secretly liked it!Shhhhh, don't tell.)

I love him SO much!

In my mom's words, "Watch out parenthood, here they come!"

Lots of Love, 


  1. We love him too! He is a great son-in-law and I am addicted to the sandwiches from Jeremiahs day job! Mmmmm Bahn Mi!!

    xoxoxo Mom

  2. You guys are too stinkin' cute! It still feels like we should all be in high school...All of us at a football game, Brandi cheerleading, Jeremiah on the field with my dad yelling at him, me in the band with Paige, not paying attention to Mr. Piercy. Ahh, the memories! Congrats again on welcoming baby DalHia :)