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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Little Foodie

Boughten baby food is B-L-A-H. Have you ever tasted it? I am not saying I won't give it to Dahlia. It's so darned convenient. Bu-ut, we are taking advantage Dahlia's age and tendency to put things in her mouth. Right now her favorite is her own feet. Not edible.

Here are some pictures of the most recent experiment in taste. I love pickled okra ( used to steal it from the refrigerator in the basement of our church-horrible, I know. I still maintain Mr. Neal kept it there especially for me). Jeremiah loves it too. Maybe our baby will? Let's see.  


and curiouser

and sour

and juicy

I will try it again

still sour

and slippery

and no. thank. you.
Shortly after this she threw it in the floor. I take heart in the fact that she usually makes these faces when trying anything cold. Plus, it was super cute. 


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