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Monday, August 29, 2011

I lost my Orange. Do you have it?

I see your true colors shining through. I see your true colors, and that's why I love you.

I am blue. Or so I thought. When you take the True Colors personality assessment, you can be either Blue (Emotional), Gold (Organized), Orange (Spontaneous), or Green (Rational). 

In the past I have taken it and have always, ALWAYS, been SUPER BLUE, with a little gold and orange thrown in as my second/third place colors. This year I got a shock. My primary color was tied. BLUE/GOLD???!!!! 

I have always been a little gold, and I have to admit, I love my lists. I never in a bagillionty years thought my blue-ness could ever be matched by gold. 

Yesterday at Sonic I asked Jeremiah if he had noticed a change. He asked me if gold people are bossy! I had to admit it. Then he started impersonating me bossing him around. Later, when he was about to order way to much food and caught me about to boss him about his selection. SHEESH. Gold it is! (He also mentioned that I have been very productive around the house lately, so goldi-ness has it's positive points.)

I can handle being gold. My friends think it has a lot to do with becoming a mommy. That makes sense to me. What really plagues my mind is, "WHERE is my ORANGE???" Is it gone forever?


  1. Babies suck the orange out of you. Lol I feel the same. I think you consider things a lot more now than you would before you had a baby.

  2. I took your ORANGE! I am the orangest person I know, lol. I have a hint of gold and blue but never had a green tint to me. I can be bossy and emotional but mostly spontanious as always.

    Trip anyone, lets go! I mean now, as soon as you get packed. Ring a bell?


  3. You make me laugh! I agree that mommyhood demands a lot of gold out of moms. And your orange will come back as baby gets older (to some degree anyway, lol!). You are awesome.

    Tracy H.

  4. Your post made me want to know what i am! i took a test, and i am a primary blue, with some gold, orange and a little bit of green thrown in!

    Michelle W.

  5. This is hilarious, I know exactly why you are a goldie now! It is part Mommy and part teacher, where would we be without our lists? We wear so many hats between being a wife, motherhood and teaching...I know for a fact that I would be lost without my lists! Also, consider the bossiness part just an occupational hazard! We HAVE to boss around 20 - 100 children of varying ages on a daily basis! How can we just turn that off at home?!!