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Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Losing it

Literally. For the last few days I keep getting these annoying little tickles. On my back. On my neck. On my....everywhere. No, it's no a nervous tick. It's my hair!!! Oodles and gobs of it. I have been super stressed about being back in the real world so I thought it might have been stress, but low and behold, this morning I got a BabyCenter email update. One of the articles today was all about losing your hair after pregnancy. It said I can be losing up to 500 strands a day. That sounds exactly right to me. Hormones are the culprit!!

On a side-note, Dahlia has also been losing her baby hair. Soooo... if you see us around and about with bandannas on, just know we are trying to avoid a sunburn on our bare scalps.


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