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Sunday, May 8, 2011

My First Mother's Day

What a great day! Lately I have been feeling so blessed and thankful for all of the joys and wonderful people in my life. I mean, how did I end up with such a beautiful baby, a loving and awesome husband, and all of the special family and friends I have?!

Back to my day. It started out with sleeping in and then we made the decision to venture out to Benvenuti's for brunch. We got ready and as I was feeding Dahlia before we left, I got a text. I expected it to be one of those sweet and wonderful people wishing me well for my first Mother's Day. And it was, but not who I expected.

I looked at the screen and the incoming text was from Dahlia Ann. My baby!? I immediately started to freak out. My mind was clouded with awe and I could not think clearly. As I read the three messages it ended up being, I was hysterical. I could barely read about how I was the best mom who would make her such a good person. I am still so happy hours later.

As you probably guess much quicker than my love-stuck self did, it was Jeremiah. *sigh* My sweetie snuck my phone away and reprogrammed his number with Dahlia's name so he could send me a message from our sweet little miracle.

When I finally wiped away all of the snot and tears, Brain and Cecil met us for a yummy brunch (probably the best I have had in, well, ever aside from the heat on the patio). We came on home and relaxed. Dahlia and I snuggled in for a nap, Jeremiah played video games, we sat on patio and stared at our perfect baby and then talked about how perfect she is. We took her picture a million times, then after we dragged some yard waste to the curb, came inside.

Dahlia ate her first rice cereal and got it ALL over. On her back even! We had a bath and now it is bedtime.

I will never forget this day.



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