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Monday, May 16, 2011

My Impatient Cheating Heart/Head

I did something rash and now I have a HORRIBLE haircut to show for it. I have my kiddos at school write "Bad Haircut" essays, and now I really have something to share with them.

It all started with my procrastination. I waited too long to call my normal Fabulous (the capital F is on purpose) hair lady. Then, on Sunday when I was going to get my toenails done, I got to the salon and it was closed. So, I thought to myself, "Self, you are already out and about. Jeremiah has Dahlia. Why not pop in somewhere and get your grown-out mop tended to?" And then I answered myself. "Great idea!" WRONG! 

So I go into the salon that shall not be named and come out looking like a lopsided eighties pop star with a heroin problem. Or Jem from Saturday morning cartoons when I was kid. Oh, the humanity!

So now I am to ashamed to tell Shelia, the most wonderful stylist around, that I cheated on her with a nameless hack. And that now my cheating ways will require her to fix me. 

Has anyone else out there ever cheated on their stylist and regretted it? A one cut stand, if you will.

p.s. It doesn't help that like half of my hair has fallen out after my pregnancy hormones shifted. **see previous post "Baldy McGee."


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  1. You are so funny. We need a picture. You can wear a shirt tied to one side, glitter eye shadow and go see New Kids On the Block, lol!!! MOM