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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hair Raising

Here are a couple of pictures of my disaster haircut.
This spunky gal is my fabulous friend, Shelia. Oh, how I have forsaken you and paid the price!

One more shot of the carnage. What is that stringy mess on the left?! Holy Mackerel!

Short, but much better. Dahlia isn't impressed.

It looks much better now, since it has grown quite a bit. I guess I have been harboring a little bit of hair anxiety. 

I haven't had an experience this bad since I went for a haircut at Mastercuts in Shawnee Mall when I was about 12 and the girl wouldn't cut it. She said I had head lice! Turns out it was just little bits of glitter paint left over from me painting my jean shorts into a stiff and unwearable mess. I was so upset. I knew I didn't have lice, and I wanted the Mastercuts lady to know she was wrong. 

Alas, my mom made me suck it up. I remember being in JC Penney and Mama wanting me to try on a shirt. I was still so upset (and, let's be honest, tended a bit to the dramatic side). I said something like, " What, no one here thinks I will give them lice?!"

At least this time I could laugh it off. I even wore the terrible hair for almost a week. I was even told by a student that it looked like I put my finger in a light socket! I think I have come a long way. 


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