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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking Back at 2010 and to the Future!

2011 is officially finally here. This is the very first time that when the new year has arrived I have felt the need to say "Thank you Jesus!" Frankly, 2010 has been the hardest year I have ever had. We lost my Grandpa Ben, Jeremiah's Uncle Gene (his dad's twin), and my dad in the last year. Sheesh, right?! 

Losing my dad is something I never thought I would have to do until I was much much older. Losing him before he had a chance to meet our amazing daughter just breaks my heart. He was so proud of her before she was even born and he was such a good Poppy. I know that he is watching over her and us and smiling along with Jeremiah's parents, my Grandpa Ben, my Poppy, Jeremiah's uncle Gene, my Aunt Susan and all of the loved ones that we have lost. 

Even with all of the terrible things that have happened this year, we have been so blessed with wonderful family, friends, a restaurant, and a pretty good life. I have had the best year at school I have ever had. Carol Fain always says that you get the class you need and she was right about this group. Such a wonderful group of kids and parents has been a blessing to me and my family. My pregnancy was pretty much flawless and we were given the most magical gift this Christmas, Dahlia Ann. I catch myself in awe of her several times a day. She even allowed me to sleep a little last night! I know that God never gives you more than you can handle and I think we all (Casey, TJ, Mama, Jeremiah, Grandma Bonnie, and I) have fared pretty well, given the circumstances. 

All of this has given me a chance to think about what I want for my family for the next year. I have never been big on resolutions (and I never eat my black-eyed peas), but I think I will give it a try. The resolutions, not the peas. Those things taste like dirt. 

For the year 2011:
1. Establish traditions for my family and keep up the ones my mom and dad have started. 
I am not really sure what this will look like, but I think that the big holidays are a good place to start. I would like to make an effort to have traditions that help us focus on family and not all of the hoopla. This year will be a lot different as far as our family dynamic, so holidays are liable to be too. Also, I want Dahlia to be able to look back and remember our traditions.

2. Write letters to Dahlia 
My sister gave me a beautiful journal for Christmas. The letters will be about her life and stories about the people we want her to know who aren't here. I already have a few entries planned out. I hope that this will kick-start me writing daily and will be a treasure for her when she gets older. I also plan to add in the stories and songs that Jeremiah makes up for her. 

3. Be Better at Birthdays
I love having a big deal made on my birthday, but I am such a procrastinator that I rarely do as much for my loved ones as I wish I did. This one has been in the back of my mind for a while.

4. Get my Money Right
I am terrible at keeping track of our bills and money. With childcare and health insurance for Dahlia coming into our budget, I HAVE to get our money right. A college fund would be nice too. Financial matters are my biggest weakness, so any suggestions of how to do this would be helpful. This is the scariest of all of my resolutions. 

5. Maintain my Planbook as if a disaster is pending
One of the repercussions of this hard year had been a very strong urge to plan ahead for three to four weeks. That means all of my plans were written (not just in my head) and the copies made and organized, and materials were ready to go. I was so worried that something would happen and that I wouldn't be able to get a sub plan typed up. Then something did happen. My anxiety had paid off! I was also in a position to plan ahead for Ruth for a couple of weeks for when she took over during my maternity leave. I felt good about that. I hope to keep this up without the threat of impending doom hovering over my head. 

6. Be a Better Friend/Wife/Sister/Daughter/Granddaughter/Etc.
I need to show up for my friends, family, and my husband more. I want to do something nice once a week at the minimum. I hope to at least make a friend a meal or send something to my "far away" friends. A card even. If you have an idea about how to do this one or things I can easily do with an infant, let me know. Jeremiah will be a little harder, but I just need to make the effort when the opportunity presents itself. This one feels a little vague. The idea is that I just feel so thankful to have such wonderful people in my life and I want to show them. 

Here they are. For now. I might think of something and add or revise. I play by my own rules! 



  1. I know what you mean about 2010 being hard. I'm so glad to see 2011! But I do remember I didn't eat my black-eyed peas like I should have... and after losing Papa and Aunt Sherry, I made sure I ate my peas today. I really hope you are able to meet all your resolutions. Somehow, I've never found the time to write in my sons' baby books like I should have. UGH.. Busy Mom alert. LOL. I do feel bad for not taking time to do that...

    There is a website that you may like to browse through..

    Miss ya lots,

  2. I love your resolutions! Some of mine are similar to yours- I'm excited to see how we do.
    Okay, I'm a major dork for even admitting this, but I'm going to a coupon class tomorrow night (Tuesday) to learn how to kick ACE at using coupons and save zillions of dollars. I'll let you know how it turns out and it may help your #4 and my "get new furniture" resolution.

  3. Amanda- I want to be as good at coupons as that lady that only pays like 22 cents for three baskets of groceries. Is that even possible?! Where did you go to a coupon class? I am SO interested.

    On another note, Jeremiah and I have decided to talk about the money that we spend more in an effort to be more aware. Number 4 is on it's way to being resolved!