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Friday, January 28, 2011

the new normal is

1. Sleep when you can.
2. Eat when Daddy brings us food.
3. Cherish each moment that we don't smell like spit up.
4. Wear pajamas or sweats all day.
5. Understand just how important taking a bath/shower can be.
6. Upload as many pictures as possible.
7. Get used to asking everyone if they are sick before they visit.
8. Wet and poopy diapers make us happy.
9. Watch a lot of tv, read a lot of blogs, rely on facebook for updates on the real world.
10. Function while being a human pacifier. 
11. Be nervous about going anywhere...

Tomorrow I will wear "real clothes" for the fourth time in as many weeks. I really wonder if my jeans will fit. We will venture out into the "real world" to have Dahlia's pictures made. I might even get a few groceries while we are at Target. The plan is to nurse her into a stupor before we leave and to take a bottle of breast milk in case I can't find a suitable place to nurse if I need to...we will see. Wish us luck. 


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