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Friday, January 21, 2011

Top Eleven: Things I'm Loving Today

Eleven Things I'm Loving Today (in no particular order)
1. The little basket that holds all of my mama-ly essentials (camera, booger-sucker, cell phone, lanolin ointment, chap stick, saline drops, thermometer)
2. That Hulu has full episodes of nineties tv show, Eerie Indiana.
3. Kids that call adults by Mr. and Ms. so and so. I would be Ms. Brandi. I have a few friends who teach their children to do this. I find it charming.
4. Adults who say yes/no ma'am/sir. Once again, charming.
5. Boppy!!
6. Calling Jeremiah "Daddy" to Dahlia.
7. Humidifier
8. Jessica's Coupons Blog
9. Singing Disney songs to my sweet lil' one.
10. Texting Jeremiah with a request for Mountain Dew/Recess/milk/the moon and knowing that he will do his darndest to get it for me.
11. Funny Faces



  1. I myself like new shoes today but your list is pretty good. xoxo Mom

  2. Hah, booger sucker. That's what we call it too!

  3. @ Misty, I would sob uncontrollably if we lost it!